Just as the oceans flow in a vast and intricate web of life, we also belong to this magnificent spectacle of nature, where majestic sea creatures dance in harmony with the hypnotic movements of the waves and the riot of colors of the coral reefs, we are reminded of our interdependence with Nature.

The Ocean is my main source of inspiration, it gives me a deep sense of connection that I try to recreate during the tattoo experience. I love little details that make everything unique. As we all are.


You can join me at my studio in Ericeira and take a look to the flash tattoos or if you have any idea please contact me at:


or DM 

Please include:

  • Your name 
  • The idea (please send images that could be of a help to create your unique design)
  • Machine ore Poke?
  • If you already know, the placement and the size of the tattoo (if you don’t I shall be happy to listen to your needs and decide with you on the day of the appointment)



tattoo shell island
tattoo shell
tattoo octopus girl
tattoo seastar
tatto Mika artist
tattoo island turtle
tattoo codfish
tattoo iemange
tattoo wave
tattoo medusa
tattoo Mika artist 2
tattoo whale
tattoo girl
tattoo heart girl